Long-Covid Treatment

There are a small number of COVID-19 survivors who experience long-term health issues such as overall shortness of breath, weakness and fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and some even falling into depression.

With the insight of how the brain affects body functions, our TCM Practitioner Sik-Kee Au innovated his TCM Brain Theory to stress on the importance of a healthy brain and its profound implication to a person’s health mentally and physically. His TCM formula strengthens the blood circulation of the heart, improves the blood quality in order to bring the medicine’s nutrition to the brain and removes blood clots and other toxic deposits in the body, building the body’s immune system effectively.

Given the main focus of Regencell was to treat neurological disorders such as ADHD and ASD, Mr. Au has effectively treated many patients suffering from such disorders and is now developing a formula to treat long-COVID symptoms especially brain fog.

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